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Afri Life Money Plus

Pursuing one’s dreams requires financial discipline. One needs to undertake goal based savings with definite timely returns - be it for the wedding of one’s child, that dream home or the fabulous vacation. One must also create a corpus for emergencies and at the same time one has to secure one’s loved ones financially.

With our Money Plus plan you can do all of the above and more in just a single plan. Investing in Afri Life Money Plus plan makes monitoring of your portfolio that much easy and less time consuming.

This is a non-linked, without profits, single premium payment plan which offers the policyholder a combination of protection and savings benefit. The product features of the plan are stated below:

Product Features

Type of Polic Individual Non-Participating Product
Can be effected on A Single life only
Frequency of Survival Benefit Annually
Survival Benefits An amount equal to 4% of single premium will be payable on survival up to the end of each policy year during the policy term
Policy Term
Minimum single premium
5 Years
Eligible Age of Entry Min 18 years (Last Birthday) - Max 99 years (Last Birthday)
Frequency of Premiums Single Premium
Accidental death benefits A capital equal to 100 times the current premium will be payable immediately provided there has been no prior TPD claim
Minimum Single Premiums 50,000
Maximum Single Premium No Limit
Maturity Benefits On survival of the policyholder to the end of the policy term, an amount equal to 100% of single premium will be paid to the policyholder in addition to the Annual Survival Benefit due.
Death Benefits In case of death during first policy year the single premium will be returned to the nominee/ legal heir. In case of death after the completion of first policy year, an amount equal to the single premium accumulated at 4 % p.a simple interest for 5 years less any survival benefits paid before the date of death will be paid to the nominee/legal heir.
Policy Loan Yes as per the policy conditions
Policy Fee 0.6% of the single premium +Rs 2500- over and above the single premium
FSC Fee 0.35% of the single premium- over and above the single premium and policy fee